California Bound

We’re finally doing it! Jen got her first travel nurse assignment and it’s in Palo Alto, California. We’ll be packing up the Jeep and leaving in a few short weeks. This is something we’ve been wanting to do for years. Before we got married, the plan was to live a year in our Kentwood apartment and then start bouncing around the country on travel nurse assignments. As fate would have it, the economy tanked right at the same time as we got married and all the travel nurse gigs dried up.

She Said Yes

I’m engaged. Only months earlier, the thought of such a declaration had sent me squirming uncomfortably and avoiding conversations. I used to have what I considered a healthy fear of commitment. My fiancé would disagree as to exactly how healthy or normal that fear was, but that’s beside the point. Even still, the thought and even the word fiancé, gives me goose bumps. No longer are they shivers of fear, but of excitement.