My PRK Adventure

In late 2007 I underwent PRK laser vision correction surgery. This is sorta like LASIK, but instead of cutting a flap in the outer corneal layer, they chemically remove that layer, then zap you with the laser. It involves a longer recovery time, usually several weeks to several months as that layer grows back and stabilizes. I’ve even read some reports of people taking six months before their vision had settled, but such long recoveries seem to be pretty rare.

I was a candidate for LASIK but opted for PRK because I do a lot of fighting (kickboxing and grappling, sorta MMAish). While involving a longer, more frustrating recovery time, the PRK surgery leaves your eyes in a more stable state than LASIK. Had I gone with LASIK, there would always have been a chance that a stray punch brushing against my eye could loosen or separate that corneal flap, and that’s something I really didn’t want to experience.

I was quite timid about even undergoing the surgery, until I found several blogs of people’s experience online. After reading firsthand accounts, I was more at ease and knew what to expect at a level not conveyed by the surgeon. I decided that I’d keep such a log of my experience with PRK. So without further ado…


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