PRK Day 5

It is nearing the end of the fifth day after my PRK laser correction surgery. Every day is a slight improvement over the previous. I am now able to read smaller print, although it is all still blurry and smudged. I’ve been able to reduce the font size on the monitor to normal, although I still have the monitor size itself blown up to 800x600.

The blurriness I’m experiencing now isn’t exactly like it was when I didn’t have my glasses on. Somehow there is a level of clarity unlike the bad vision I had prior to the surgery. And every so often I’ll move my eyes and have a brief moment of clarity on a small part of my eye which is gone a second later. Two more days and I’ll be able to get the bandage contacts out. I’m pretty excited for that. It’s just like sleeping for a week with normal contacts in. Your eyes just have this weird nasty feeling to them when you wake up and it follows you throughout the day. They say it’s good for you, so I guess I believe them.

Yesterday I spent some time with visiting family which was only supposed to be for an hour and turned into an evening. My girlfriend drove and had to lead me around blindly sometimes when we were walking into the wind, but it was nice to get out. I probably should have called it a night earlier on, because about halfway through the evening, at a restaurant, my eyes started to get really tired and irritated. Still, I wanted to go visit my couple-months-old niece with the rest of the family, so I stuck it out. The majority of the time I kept my eyes closed, and the entire evening I had my awesome sunglasses on that were given to me by the eye doctor.

It was a relief to finally get home later on and lay down in a dark room. My entire eyeballs sort of throbbed from the overuse and were entirely exhausted. I was looking forward to a night of sleep, but somehow that sleep remained elusive.  For whatever reason, I could not get to sleep, and became so angry at this that I really couldn’t get to sleep. I wandered the apartment in the dark and came to rest on the couch and listened to an audiobook for several hours. Sleep didn’t come until around 3:30 and then it was very fitful.

I spent most of today trying to catch up on this missing sleep, and it wasn’t until mid afternoon that I was fully myself again. Part of me thinks that the lack of sleep came from being out all yesterday afternoon and evening. Oh well, I got through it. Now after writing this my vision is beginning to lose focus again, so I think I’ll call it a day for computer work. I had originally anticipated that I might be able to go to work tomorrow (Monday), but I can see now that this isn’t going to happen, and it possibly won’t happen the next day. I write software for a living, so there’s going to be a lot of staring at monitors that I’m just not up to. Hopefully I’ll be able to work soon, as I’m running out of audiobooks to listen to and this cabin fever is starting to get to me!

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