I Saw a Rattlesnake

We brought our mountain bikes up to Arastradero Preserve and biked around a bit before realizing the majority of the trail was too crowded for bikes. There weren’t a ton of people, but there were enough people with dogs, strollers, or little old ladies that I didn’t feel comfortable zipping by on my bike. I didn’t want to end up with an infant in my spokes, so we took to walking instead.

It’s a nice, wide open space and only a few minutes from Jen’s work. I’ll have to come by more often. There was a board posting looking for volunteers, so we might poke our noses in there to get to meet some locals. The park was littered with a bunch of intersecting trails and hills. At one point, as we were walking around the bend on top of a hill, some mountain bikers were stopped and staring at a rattlesnake in the track.

Yep, that’s a rattler

And me in my sandals and shorts. I was a little more cautious through the remainder of the trail. The next time I visit, I plan on bringing a mongoose on a leash.

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