The Student Has Become the Master

Sunday marked the beginning of our tour guide time. We’re about halfway through our adventure, and Jen’s parents have come out to visit for a few weeks, followed by a few of Jen’s friends for another week, and then my brother and his wife in the first week of August. We’re now certified experts on the area, so ask us anything. Jen will play Tour Guide Barbie, and I’ll be just another douchebag with a smartphone, trying to show you cool places on the map, but always having trouble.

Tim and Sue know how to make an entrance. They rolled into town in a cherry red new Mustang. This thing has to be great on all those windy mountain roads and Highway 1.

You should be able to outrun the CHP in that thing

This weekend we’re all headed up to Napa Valley for some more drunken revelry. This time, we’ll be riding in style.

We’ve got a delightful little bed and breakfast booked for Thursday night, and for my wife’s birthday, Sue got her (really, us) a couple’s massage at the b&b. I’m a freeloader, what can I say? Anyway, there will be candles in a curtained garden and probably a couple Swedish masseuses named Olga and Helga.

We’re going wine tasting in Sonoma valley on Friday and I’m forcing us to take a little break from the wine at the Russian River Brewing Co. north of the main Sonoma wine country. I’ve heard amazing things about the beer and it’s nearly impossible to get back home. If I can figure out a way to ship from the brewery, I may have to send some home for safekeeping.

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