The Most Overlooked Part of the Easter Narrative

ZOMBIES!!!! We all know the Zombie Jesus story, but a whole crapload of dead people were reanimated just after Jesus H. kicked the can. They took two days fighting their way out of their tombs before running amok within Jerusalem. It’s right there in Matthew 27. 51 At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split 52 and the tombs broke open.


A few weeks ago I took a crack at writing a letter to the editor of a local weekly mini-newspaper. I hadn’t known there was enough space in this paper in which to put a letter to the editor until I was cleaning up and noticed a laughable come-to-Jesus letter to the editor entitled, OH NO THE GAYS! or something like that. I had to respond. My argument revolved mostly around the fact that religion is inherently irrational and that debate is something to be appreciated rather than feared.

Resurrection Life Church

Inspired by Hemant Mehta’s book, I Sold My Soul on Ebay, I decided to visit a local church this morning. Resurrection Life Church is an evangelical, charismatic megachurch in Grandville, Michigan. I chose this church to visit first mainly because a friend mentioned that they’re into the whole speaking in tongues thing. I’ve really wanted to see firsthand what could possibly induce such trance-like states in white middle class suburbia.

PRK – 5 Weeks Later

Wow. This past week has shown drastic improvements in my vision. Last week I was finished with the steroid drops. A few days after that, and all of a sudden I started seeing noticeably better. It has improved even until today. This morning I had my 5 week eye checkup. The eye doctor did the standard wall chart thing, and I managed to read the 20⁄20 line with each eye separately!