We’ve Been Married for Three Years Today

Today marks the third anniversary of my marriage to the most wonderful girl anyone could ask for. I love you, Jen!

Three years ago today, the reception was winding down and we were weaving our way through the maze of guests, thanking them for being there and talking of our upcoming plans. I was soon to carry Jen over the threshold of our Kentwood apartment, hoping to avoid notice by our neighbors, me in my penguin suit and she in her bride’s dress. The next day we would be whisked off to Mexico to bask in the sunshine for a few weeks as the American economy crashed, while we sipped on Margaritas and relished each others’ company.

My life with Jen has since been amazing. I’ve become more attached and dependent on her, more in love with and devoted to her, than I could ever have imagined. That she could return such love to a nerdy introvert hiding behind a bravado facade is beyond me. As each day passes, it becomes harder to remember life as it was before she was part of me. Our honeymoon continues to this day.

In honor of today, I’ve reposted an old article I wrote back after I engaged her back in 2008. Enjoy!

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