Oh, the Things You See in West Michigan

As I was driving home today I got passed by the Jesus Mobile.

I like the stance. It’s got kind of a Kung Fu or Jew-Jitsu aspect to it, like he’s ready for action and about to start smiting. Or, as my brother put it, looking like he just shoved somebody onto the subway tracks.

I hope to see this thing in ArtPrize next year. It’s way better than this year’s first place Hover-Jesus.

There are a few more masterpieces to choose from on the artist’s website in case you’re thinking about upgrading the paint job on your car. A couple of them are all blood and gore Jesii, meant to make you feel bad, but my favorite has to be Sexy Alluring Jesus, showing off a bit of skin and winking with that come hither look, beckoning you to stick your finger in him. Hot.

Stop Doubting and be Creeped Out

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