Goodbye Wordpress, Hello Hugo

So this blog has been more or less flat-lined for years now, but the mess that is Wordpress needed constant attention because it’s so riddled with gaping security holes. I recently started writing in Go for some projects at work and was introduced to the static site generator Hugo, and I thought why not give it a try? I get to write in Markdown instead of a never-quite-right in-browser editor, so I get to stay inside Vim, and my security concerns are as close to nothing as possible when just tossing this up in an S3 bucket as a static site.

The Move to DigitalOcean and DNSimple

I recently moved this blog onto DigitalOcean. For years it has been hosted on, and as a guy who writes software for a living, that’s kind of like cheating. I work primarily on the Microsoft stack, and I wanted to dabble in areas unknown. There were a few hosting options I considered. Just about any cloud platform can run WordPress, but I wanted to own and manage a box running on a Linux distribution.

Transit of Venus

It turned out to be a mostly clear evening to watch the Transit of Venus. Jen and I went to Holland State Park so we could watch from the beach and I brought my trusty binoculars and cardboard so I could magnify the sun without burning my retinas. It worked pretty well, though during the next transit, 105 years from now, I think I’ll invest in a tripod to mount the binoculars because holding it by hand is a bit too shaky.

Cthulhu on my Kindle

My lovely wife bought me a Kindle as a gift and I’ve been playing with it the first few days. So far, I love this thing. I’ve been spending a few days hoarding free books that I can find all over the internet. Amazon has a bunch of free books on their site but also recommends other repositories. Project Gutenberg is pretty damn slick. Plus, today I found a totally free collection of HP Lovecraft’s works over at CthulhuChick.

Unit Testing is for the Weak

I know it’s bad for me and the project, but every time I start programming something new, I jump into it without creating any unit tests. Even when I know that the code I’m updating could really benefit from being tested and in the long run, it would save me a lot of time and brainpower, I still start plowing through with my bulldozer of coding prowess. It’s always the same order of events.

You Don’t Say

One of the fun things about having a blog here on WordPress is that you get to see the various search terms people use to find you. I’m not out to win a vast amount of readership with this thing, but apparently people are stumbling across my words of wisdom. I’m currently number 8 on the list if you google the phrase classy ads to market strip clubs on billboards Impressive, no?

Real Productivity Involves Lots of Caffeine and Sugar

I’ve been working from my apartment for over a month now, and have been generally keeping an Eastern Time Zone schedule while working from the west coast. I did this since day one so I’m used to it, but there are mornings when I get up around 3:00 am so I can work at 3:30 to coordinate with some deployments back home, because that’s how dedicated I am. More so than you.