People Actually Believe this Crap?

When I saw a billboard advertising that the author of the book, Heaven is For Real, Todd Burpo, was coming to town, I knew I had to go. What luck! He preached today at the local party church, Daybreak, and it was every bit as absurd as I hoped it would be.Sounds legit I wanted to read the book first, but I’m on the library waiting list behind 42 other people.

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution, the Board Game: An Analysis

I finally got my hands on the board game, Intelligent Design vs. Evolution! I bought it as a gag gift for my brother a few years ago but the ungrateful little prick never actually got around to doing anything with it.Slightly more fun than an aneurysm I’m positively giddy with anticipation! This game is going to be unbelievably fun. To start off, I noticed that the box included a DVD called The Science of Evolution.

I should have listened to my Mom

She always told me I need to have a spare set of warm boots in the car during winter. And now here I am broken down on the side of the road in my sandals on the first really cold snowy day of winter. The stupid radiator blew up and spewed green gunk all over the engine and onto the ground. And now my fingers are frozen, and I’m trying to write this blog post using voice recognition and talking like a robot because otherwise it won’t understand me.